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Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Shiva,

Thank you for making our ski trip to Ski Apache and Ruidoso COMPLETE! Your knowledgeable hands, your caring touch, combined with a “knowing” where and how to massage our “ski muscles” enabled us to maximize our skiing enjoyment.

In fact, we found ourselves asking the question, “Lift tickets or another massage session?” Keep up the great work. You have a gift that should be shared with many.


Joe & Prudy Holoski

Annapolis , Maryland


Your deep knowledge of many many valuable techniques and a well grounded and present intuition create this great bundle of knowledge that YOU ARE. That you have chosen as your life work to soothe and educate us how to use our bodies to unwind us from ourselves IS NOT AN EASY TASK. You Shiva get in there and painlessly help to unwind years of holding patterns and I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. Many things you taught me in our sessions I use daily. Thank You .. My weekly massage with you was a highlight of my week.

-Ginger Carlson

Lihue, Hawaii


How I miss my Shiva massage. Being a Spa Owner and massage therapist myself I am very critical about the massages I recieve. Still waiting to find that therapist who can fix and unravel my over worked, over stressed muscles without pain or with the use of an elbow, the way Shiva can!!!!! For those of you who are looking for a massage therapist who knows the body and knows how to listen to what you are saying when you describe your dicomforts and work it out, Shiva is the one.

I would see her at least once a month if not more when she lived here in Kauai. Each of my sessions were 1 1/2 hours each time so she could really get into the muscles without rushing. It was never painful even when she was working very deep. (psoas, hip rotators, etc.) Take advantage of having her there because she is amazing!!!!!!!! Especially if you need fixing like me.

My muscles and I miss you dreadfully!

Me Kealoha Pumehana, Heidi Ching