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Healing and Awareness Spa Packages


We can make a custom Healing Spa Package for your group. For inquiries, please contact High Mesa at 505-336-7777, or you can email me your details at My Email. I would need to know what date(s) you plan on coming, how many people are in your party, and which options you would like included in your Custom Spa Day. We do not provide lodging, although camping is sometimes available.

Here is a sampling of the possibilities:

  • Ritual: Fire circle (conditions permitting), Wisdom Circle, Smudging, Walk the Labyrinth, Sweatlodge
  • Massage Therapy: Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Abhyanga, Hot Stone, Migun Bed
  • Spa Treatments: Organic Facials, Body Wraps, Salt Scrubs, Shirodhara
  • Classes: Meditation, Yoga, Other Movement Classes, Personal Growth, Nutrition, Ayurveda
  • Energy Work: Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanic Work, Tarot Readings, Flower Essences, SRT
  • Lunch: A mix of catered and/or homemade, we can provide healthy fresh food, focusing on organic ingredients. Examples are locally baked bread, gourmet soups, and crisp organic salads.

Price is custom depending on your options, but generally starts around $300 per person for a 6 hour all inclusive day.

Disclaimer: Not all options are available at all times of the year. We draw from a large group of excellent practitioners. Your day can be planned out entirely for you, or include free time You must book at least 2 weeks in advance. Deposit Required. None of these services should be mistaken for medical advice/help. If you are injured or ill, please see your physician. However, in conjunction with your physicians program, these alternative therapies can often be a great way to help your body heal faster, and/or ease the healing process.

About the Center

High Mesa Healing Center was designed for workshops, classes, and gatherings. It includes a large yurt, a small bookstore with two treatment rooms, and is located on a large piece of property in the woods. It was not designed as a spa per se. However, there has been such a calling for spa packages with a focus on healing and awareness (not just pampering, though you will be pampered!) that we have offered Spa Day and had great success. For larger groups (4 or more), we will have two treatments going on in the same room, usually separated by a curtain. As you can tell, this is not your fancy spa with soundproof rooms and music piped in with a locker room with sauna, though there is a shower you can use. This is a community based, relaxed atmosphere. People who choose a spa package here should appreciate the friendliness of our staff and practitioners, having the chance to meet and interact with them, being able to hear the crickets and birds outside your treatment room window, being able to make yourself a cup of tea and sit in the bookstore perusing the vast array of metaphysical literature, the chance to stroll around the grounds, the chance to pet the High Mesa dogs Merlin and Zuni, and most of all appreciate the chance to be a part of our community for a day or more.

See High Mesa Healing Center's Website for more details about the campus, the teachers and practitioners, the modalities offered, and to see more pictures.

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