Presence Massage Ruidoso, Licensed Massage Therapist. Pancha Karma, Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapy. Detox, Healing, Transformation.

Pancha Karma is a complete holistic form of detoxification therapy from the ancient traditions of Ayurveda. Dietary practices paired with bodywork and herbs on consecutive days allow the body to detox and relax deeply and replace stress with an inner sense of silence, peace and calm. In this state of peace, calm and detoxification, the body heals itself. A typical treatment series is 5 days long, although you can do as short as 3 or even 1 day, and as long as 14 days or longer! In India, one month is not uncommon.

We prepare for your panchakarma by giving you a health consultation which assesses your Dosha, constitution and health concerns. This is done 5 days before your treatment begins. During the intervening 5 days, you prepare at home by adhering to a recommended diet and a daily dosage of oil, or internal oleation, and herbs.

You then come in for your treatments which will happen every day for the duration of your panchakarma. These usually consist of Abhyanga or Snehana(oil massage), Swedana, (Sweating Therapy), Shirodhara (oil flowing on the forehead), and Netra or Kati Basti (Ghee bath for the eyes or back). Yoga classes may also be scheduled at your convenience as gentle yoga is strongly recommended during panchakarma. You also follow your diet and herbs during this time.

You generally spend about 3 hours per day receiving your treatments and it is strongly advised that you do not work, or even play very much during this time. Your time should be spent resting, meditating, listening to beautiful music, and/or reading inspirational or spiritual books according to your own beliefs.

After your core series of treatments is finished, you follow the diet for another 5 days, slowly easing back to "normal" food during this time. Depending on what treatments are right for your consititution and how deeply you'd like to delve into this therapy, cost may range between $180 and $250 per day, with a 5 day PanchaKarma averaging $1000.

How it works - Through a series of treatments and dietary practices the toxins in your body (which come from undigested food mass or Ama in the colon) are returned to the GI tract and then eliminated. Additionally, Agni, the digestive fire, is stimulated and strengthened to prevent Ama from forming in the future.

Diet - In pre-panchakarma preparation you follow a kitcharee diet, which is a mono-diet with similar effects to a fast without the stress and fatigue a fast can give you. Kitcharee is easy to digest and does not tax the digestive system while we are cleansing it.

Internal Oleation - Depending on your constitution, flax oil or ghee is recommended in a daily dose of 2 Tablespoons increasing to 4 Tablespoons over 3 days. Taking this oil internally lubricates the digestive tract and binds to toxins inside, drawing them towards the GI tract, preparing them for elimination in the later days.

Mild Purgation - On the day before your panchakarma begins, the herbal compound Triphala is taken (or Castor oil) as a purgative to remove any remaining undigested food (Ama) from the colon. Undigested food that lodges in the colon becomes toxic and creates symptoms in the body like fatigue, pain, and allergies.

Snehana and Swedana - Oil Massage, Shirodhara, and Sweating are all designed to allow oil to be absorbed through the skin and go deep on a cellular level, aiding nerve impulses and binding to toxins. The Sweating and heating of the body pushes those toxins to the GI tract. Additionally, massage soothes agitated energy and Shirodhara deepens your experience, inducing meditation and relaxation. Because cleansing the deep connective tissues of toxins can sometimes also precipitate emotional release, this bodywork can help keep you supported and relaxed through this process.

Enema Basti - About 3 days into your pancha karma process you may be given a recipe for a Basti, or enema, to do at home. This recipe includes an herbal tea, usually mixed with oil. While doing this home enema you are instructed to massage and tap the belly to help dislodge the Ama in the colon. This can be done for 3 days or more in a row and is the final measure to remove the toxins from the GI tract that have been prepared carefully in the preceeding days.

Local Basti - This type of basti is not an enema, but rather a bath of oil given to different parts of your body. Netra Basti is for the eyes and bathes the eyes in ghee, soothing the optic nerve, lubricating the tear ducts, improving vision and easing headaches. Kati Basti can be given to different areas of the back that may feel pain and is particularly good for low back pain or sciatica.

Summary for a 5 day panchkarma

  • 5 days Preparation: Kitcharee diet, herbs, internal oleation all done at home
  • 5 days Panchakarma: Snehana, Swedana, Local Basti, and optional Yoga done at Presence Massage. Enema Basti, along with herbs and kitcharee done at home.
  • 5 days Post-Panchakarma: Kitcharee diet with herbs, optional Basti done at home.

For longer panchakarmas the Pre and Post regimen is the same, while the actual panchakarma session lengthens to 7, 10 or 14 days. Schedule your PanchaKarma.