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What to expect during your massage

IMPORTANT - During any massage you are encouraged to tell me if you want pressure deeper or lighter. You should never be in pain during a massage from me, even during deep work.


When you come to me for a massage I will first ask you to fill out an intake form, similar to at the doctor's office, but I've tried to make my form as painless and short as possible. It asks a few questions about your physical state, has a section asking what you want from your massage so I can better serve your needs, and a place where you sign for informed consent. It's important I have this on file not only for legal reasons, but so that I can reference it when you come again. You only have to fill this out once.

I'll ask you a few more questions and then I'll leave the room while you can undress and get on the massage table. You are welcome to remove as much clothing as you would like. If you are comfortable being naked, with no underwear on, that is fine. You will be modestly draped at all times. If you want to keep your underwear on, you can do that. It's really most important that you're comfortable and relaxed. Some people find it hard to relax when they're naked with a stranger. That's fine! I can work around your underwear. If you like massage a lot and wind up getting more, you may eventually find it more comfortable to remove your underpants. Go at your own pace.


I work these areas of the body (not all of them everytime): Back (lower, middle, upper), neck, head, face, ears, shoulders, arms, chest (not breasts, I never work the breast tissue), abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, feet.

Because I work the hips or gluteal muscles, I will be working on your buttocks. This is a very important muscular area where many people store tension. It's very connected to the back and neck area. I can and will work this area through your underwear or through the sheet, unless you tell me not to.

I'll knock before I come back to make sure you are under the sheet and laying on the table. When you call me in, I'll enter the room and begin the massage. I usually, though not always, begin with you laying face down with your face in the face cradle. After I've had a few minutes to feel your muscular tension, I'll ask if the pressure is okay to make sure that what I'm doing is feeling good. The work should never be painful, always enjoyable, and it shouldn't be so light that you're feeling bored either. You are welcome to tell me at any time if you want me to stay longer in a certain area that needs work, or to skip an area all together, or to give more or less pressure.

Having deep pressure is a matter of preference. It doesn't matter "how much you can take" because taking a lot of pressure is not necessarily a good thing. If you are internally bracing to "take the pressure" then you are creating more tension, which is the opposite of what massage is trying to do: relax. Sometimes an area does benefit from deep pressure, but you'll know that because it will feel like "good pain." While it may kind of hurt, you'll have the unmistakable feeling inside of release, and if I ask if it's okay, your internal voice will answer "yes!" even before you can speak it to me. If your internal voice goes "...uh...I don't know..." and then you say "yeah, it's okay," to me, that means it's hurting too much and could be causing more tension. Really listen to that internal voice.

This kind of "hurts good" pain will only come about for people who are asking for deep work. If you are coming for relaxation massage, or simply feel at any time that the pressure is too much, just say so. This work is not for everyone and I don't want to force it on anyone. However, if you give no indication that the pressure is too much, I can never know. Please don't be afraid to speak up. If you're shy, or have a hard time speaking up, use this as practice! I like and NEED to be told that my massage is not working for you. I know many different styles of bodywork and I can change my technique quite easily, but only if I know that what I'm doing isn't working for you. Don't be afraid that I'll be offended that you don't like my work. Everyone has different tastes and I've been doing this long enough that I'm over it! I want to make you relaxed.


When the massage is over, I will let you know, and then I will step out of the room to let you change back into your clothes privately. My treatment room has a bathroom and shower connected, which you are welcome to use as long as you let me know so that I can reserve the room for you (and not have another client waiting). I usually give you about 5 minutes to change and then I'll knock on the door to see if you're dressed and I'll come back in. At this point you can pay me, with either cash, or check. If you'd like to pay with a credit card, we can arrange to do that but it must be done ahead of time. I don't have a swipe terminal, but I can send you a link where you can pay online.

Thank you for having a massage with me! It gives me the opportunity to do the work I love and meet new and wonderful people like yourself.

Massage Menu

Signature Treatments

Profound Dawn - A one hour signature massage followed by 30 minutes of Shirodhara. All tension is removed from your body with this perfect combination. The full body massage uses manual techniques to wring tension from your muscles. Shirodhara goes deeper than the muscles by treating the source of tension: the mind. As warm oil flows over your third eye, drift off to a dream-like state where stress is barely a memory. When you rise from this treatment you will feel like a new person. 90 min $115

Signature Therapeutic Massage - My signature massage consists of whatever modalities I feel would best suit your body and your current condition, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, NMT, Ayurveda, Lomi, Reflexology, Craniosacral, Aromatherapy, Structural Bodywork and more. Though it is a combination of techniques it is generally a slow and deep massage that works out the kinks and turns you to butter! It can be totally relaxing, take all your stress away and leave you floating on cloud nine. OR you can come in with a problem or issue you'd like addressed, like a painful back, or injured shoulder and you will leave not only feeling better in that area of your body, but also more relaxed overall. 60 min $65 / 90 min $85

Ayurvedic Harmony Herbal Therapy Massage Treatment - While this treatment uses an Ayurvedically formulated cream, the techniques used are for the most part Western modailities. This treatment was created to bring harmony between the Water, Fire and Ether elements within the body known as Doshas. Creating harmony within the body allows us to bring harmony to all aspects of our lives. During this Herbal Therapy Massage Treatment the body is massaged in a rich cream of Chamomile, Comfrey, Arnica, Ginger and Gotu Kola. Bringing balance, both inside and out. 60 min $70 / 90 min $90

Structural Integration - Please click the link above for detailed information on this series of bodywork treatments that targets the connective tissue for change in structure, and greater levels of freedom and wellness. 10 Session Series paid in advance - $900 / 1 session at a time - $100 each

Spa Treatments

Salt Glow - Also called a salt scrub or body polish, in this treatment your body is exfoliated for smooth, healthy and beautiful skin using salt and oil. This treatment is invigorating and is a great add on to another treatment. $40 30 min

Body Wrap - See my Ayurvedic Treatments page for details about the Body Wrap I offer.

Sacred Stone Therapy - Full Body Shila Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Stone Massage is aimed at reducing Vata in the client--that is, it is calming, peaceful, restorative and grounding. Stones harvested gently from the local area which are smooth yet textured and flat, are layed out on the body specifically to ground and anchor the first and second chakras. Copious amounts of warm, herbalized oil are used on the body with stones and hands to massage in a downward direction, moving towards the earth, bringing the energy out of the head, and into the lower body, connecting you with the earth. This therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment in body, mind, and spirit. Sacred Stone Therapy brings most clients 5 times deeper into quietude and healing, gently allowing the heat of the stones to soften tension and melt worries away. Neem oil, high in antioxidants, is applied to the face, and a few drops of sinus oil are breathed into the nostrils. Allow Sacred Stone Therapy to renew the sweetness in your life. $95 - 90 min

Sacred Stone Back Treatment - This is a thorough treatment for the back only. Your back is first cleansed with a gentle cleanser, then rubbed gently with hot stones to open the pores, beginning the process of letting go with heat and pressure. An exfoliation is then performed with salt and oil, invigorating, removing dead skin from those hard to reach areas, and increasing circulation. A mud mask is then applied and allowed to dry while your feet receive some accupressure points. Stones may be placed on other areas of your body such as on the legs, or under the belly. The mask is removed with hot towels and a full back massage with hot stones releases all the remaining tension. 45 min - $60 / 60 min Deep Tissue - $75

Green Tea and Peppermint Foot Treatment - First, I bathe your feet in a hot, bubbling, salt and aroma infused foot bath, while your arms and hands are massaged. Then your tired feet are cleansed and exfoliated with a cooling green tea scrub. While a mineral foot masque or Foot Remoisturizing Masque are layered on your feet, your neck, shoulders, and head are massaged skillfully. Hot towels removes the masque, and reflexology techniques iron your feet into submission. After this treatment your feet will feel refreshed and relaxed! $80 - 70 min - Full Body Massage plus Foot Treatment - $100 - 100 min

Aromatherapy - Add this on to any Massage Treatment listed on this page (not available for Ayurvedic Treatments). I will use your choice of a single essential oil, or a combination of oils throughout your massage, nourishing your skin and body and delighting your senses. Essential oils will also be placed in a bowl beneath the headrest so you can breathe them in deeply the whole time you are lying face down. You may also let me recommend oils for you, based on what you want to accomplish for the session (energize, relax, meditate, etc) or based on your health issues. This add-on does not add any extra time to your treatment, but you will bring home an 8oz bottle of Organic Sesame oil, generously scented with the pure essential oils used during your massage. $15

Private Yoga sessions - During a 1 or 1.5 hour session I will guide you through a series of poses suited to your needs. Before the session we'll discuss in some detail your injuries, needs, and intent. During the practice of yoga postures, I will give you precise verbal instructions, with hands on adjustments so that your alignment is correct and you're not hurting yourself while you move deeply into poses to create freedom in places that were previously stuck. This private session is perfect for beginners who feel they need more attention than usually given in a public class, or intermediate or advanced students who just want more attention so they can go further physically and deeper with their consciousness into the meditation of yoga. I teach in the style of Forrest Yoga, described here. $40 60 min, $55 90 min

Ayurveda Services - Please click here for my full line of Ayurvedic services.

*I offer ONLY the services listed on this website.

Outcalls: I offer outcalls only to established clients.


I integrate techniques from many different sources in my holistic healthcare practice. I have been doing yoga for more than 6 years and I like to integrate yoga into the sessions in various ways. If you request, I can assist you in going further in any pose by having you go into the pose and then doing connective tissue massage on the muscle areas where you feel restriction. This is a great combination which some people call "Yoga Bodywork." I also sometimes give "homework" to you after you've recieved a massage, to do a certain yoga pose, stretch, or strenghtening exercise to help facilitate the change we were working on in your bodywork session to continue.

I also draw some language techniques from Hypnotherapy and Hakomi. These techniques are always to help you get more relaxed, more present, and more aware. For an example of the hypnosis techniques I might say, "You can notice the sounds around you," to bring you more into your present experience. Or "You can notice what you're feeling right now..." These are simply things to point you back to your own experience and make the work more potent.

You can even try saying those things to yourself right now, and really notice what is suggested. See how your experience changes from such a small reorientation.

But don't get the idea that I'm talking all the time! That couldn't be farther from the truth. The mood during a treatment is one of sacred, joyful, attentiveness which I don't interrupt with light chatter. I use language sparingly, or when you choose to express something to me, naturally I will respond. I will never intrude on your experience with idle talk.

I also play the Didjeridu, an extraordinary instrument which came from Australia. This incredible wind instrument creates a low droning sound which is often used for sound healing. This is how I use it. Usually a person lays on the floor while I play the didjeridu over their body, moving it to different parts. The resonance and vibration of the primal sound sinks deep down to the bones and feels amazingly wonderful. I do not include this with every massage, but upon request it may be available. It is a delicious way to end a massage.

Email me at shiva [at] presencemassage [dot] com