Ruidoso Massage. Presence Massage of Ruidoso, Shiva Reinhardt, LMT. Structural Integration. Location and Directions.
Location and Directions

My studio is located in Alto, New Mexico, just minutes North of Ruidoso. My studio is in my home. It has it's own private entrance and bathroom with a shower, which is outfitted especially for your use. Because I offer spa treatments such as mud wraps and salt glows, you may want to shower afterwards.

If you would like to use the shower, please let me know ahead of time. Because the shower is part of the treatment room, I need to adjust my schedule accordingly. There is no charge for use of the shower.

For directions, please email me. There is a short set of stairs to get to the door to the studio, so keep that in mind if you are disabled or otherwise unable to get up stairs. Here are some pictures of where the treatments take place:

[click on any photo to see a bigger version]

In this picture you can see the white roaster I use for my hot stones. On the shelf there is a salt lamp, which is said to ionize the room and make for a comfortable atmosphere, while it also provides ambient lighting.

This is the foot of the table and the door to the bathroom.

You can see the Shirodhara pot here and the towel warmer.

Here you can see the copper Shirodhara equipment to the left, and on the dresser a hot towel warmer that is used for removing oil from Ayurvedic treatments This is a view of the front entrance. You will be entering through the sliding glass door and will not have to cross through any private space to get to the bathroom.
The table you see in every picture is an Earthlite Spirit LT, with a Caress facerest, which should cause less face and sinus pressure than standard facerests. For your total comfort I have also added some egg crates as additional padding on the surface of the table and I promise you'll feel like you are floating on a cloud. Additionally I have a table warmer with even more fleece padding and it'll keep you nice and toasty.


Oils I use:

Lotions and Creams I use:

Facial and Body Products:

Tarika Products

  • Tarika Radiant Facial
  • Tarika Herbal and Clay Body Masque
  • Tarika Day and Night Facial Oil
Other Facial Products used are homeade and include facial oils, scrubs and masques. All natural, mostly organic. No preservatives, additives, or anything artifical. Never tested on animals. Possible allergens contained are: honey, oat flour, goat's milk powder. Inquire for full ingredient list.

And here are my official license documents, issued by the State of New Mexico

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