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Ayurveda: The Science of Life

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Ayurveda is one of my special interests. It is the ancient healing science of India. I love Ayurveda because it is holistic and sees the body and mind as a whole. By doing these treatments on the body, we affect the mind, bringing it peace, comfort, and happiness. Further, if we look at you in particular, by giving you a Consitutional Examination, we can see exactly which treatments best suit your particular body and mind. Someone with a lot of stress and worry would do good to have Shirodhara. Someone who is very active and uses their muscles a lot would do well with Abhyanga and Herbal Clay Wrap.

Ayurveda also includes nutritional advice and lifestyle modification (such as going to bed at a certain time, or taking up yoga), which are available if you would like a consulation. Whether you are looking to change your life for a few hours, or long term, Ayurveda holds guidance and offers help.

For those wishing further information about Ayurveda, this intro by Dr. Vasant Lad is particularly well summarized. Classes are available at the Ayurvedic Institute.

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

"As we are all fundamentally expressions of consciousness, and as the cause of disease is the mind forgetting that we are sourced in consciousness, one of the goals of these therapies is to infuse the awareness into every cell of the guest[...]When the guest becomes self aware, their body can recognize the problem as a problem. From this place of deep silence there is nothing the body cannot heal.

These treatments act to initiate a self-healing response. The therapist is not a "healer" but one who enhances the ability of guests to heal themselves. The heightened internal awareness created from the state of silence triggers a cascade of spontaneous healings on a cellular level where we bury our stress, fears, and emotions." - Dr. John Douillard, The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage

Profound Dawn - A one hour signature massage followed by 30 minutes of Shirodhara. All tension is removed from your body with this perfect combination. The full body massage uses manual techniques to wring tension from your muscles. Shirodhara goes deeper than the muscles by treating the source of tension: the mind. As warm oil flows over your third eye, drift off to a dream-like state where stress is barely a memory. When you rise from this treatment you will feel like a new person. 90 min $115

Abhyanga This warm oil massage is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Unlike Swedish, but slightly similar to Lomi Lomi, the strokes in this massage are rhythmical, cross the joints, and are targeted to your specific body type. Herbal infused oil is heated to a soothing temperature and applied liberally, the strokes aiding the absorption of the oil. This herbal-oil massage deeply penetrates the skin, relaxes the mind and body, breaks up impurities and stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation. It enhances the ability for nutrients to reach starved cells and for the removal of stagnant waste. It also heightens awareness that will direct the internal healing system of the body to heal itself. Treats: lymphatic and circulatory systems, stress and anxiety.$75 - 60 min.

Shirobhyanga - This Ayurvedic Head and Neck Massage is a thorough treatment of the marmas on the head and neck. It includes oiling of the scalp, face, and neck, and treatment of the pressure points or marmas therein. Marma points on the head and neck have reflexes on far flung areas of the body, allowing your organs and systems to be treated in this luxurious massage. Tension and stress melt away as medicated oils are massaged deeply into the tissues. Nasaya, or application of medicated oils to the sinuses, finishes the treatment. Treats: Sinus issues, head and neck tension, affects the whole body. 30 min - $40 / add on to another treatment $30

Sacred Stone Therapy Shila Abhyanga or Ayurvedic Stone Massage is aimed at reducing Vata in the client--that is, it is calming, peaceful, restorative and grounding. Stones harvested gently from the local area which are smooth yet textured and flat, are layed out on the body specifically to ground and anchor the first and second chakras. Copious amounts of warm, herbalized oil are used on the body with stones and hands to massage in a downward direction, moving towards the earth, bringing the energy out of the head, and into the lower body, connecting you with the earth. This therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment in body, mind, and spirit. Sacred Stone Therapy brings most clients 5 times deeper into quietude and healing, gently allowing the heat of the stones to soften tension and melt worries away. Neem oil, high in antioxidants, is applied to the face, and a few drops of sinus oil are breathed into the nostrils. Allow Sacred Stone Therapy to renew the sweetness in your life. Treats: muscular pain and tension, mental and/or physical stress. $95 - 90 min

Shirodhara is a luxurious and rare treatment focusing on head and face. It's one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments in the west. "Shiro" mean head and "Dhara" means stream. While laying face up on the massage table, a stream of warm herbal oil is poured continuously over your forehead for about 30 minutes. This is deeply calming and centering and alters your brainwaves to bring you into a meditative state. The ultimate in detress and anti-anxiety treatments, Shirodhara is one of the most powerful treatments for relieving Vata (wind) in the mind. It is ideal for people whose minds are overworked and suffer insomnia because they can't stop thinking. The treatment begins with a foot massage, then a face and neck massage including marma points, and annointing of the nasal passages as well as the ears with a mildly medicated oil, ending with the actual Shirodhara and a short rest period, where you may take a private repose in your bliss. The oil that was poured over your forehead (32-64oz) is reserved for you to take home and use for self massage. Read more about Shirodhara here. Treats: stress, insomnia, excessive thinking or worrying, head and neck afflictions.$85 - 60 min

Inner Beauty Ayurvedic Facial Treatment - The focus of this treatment is to faciliate a deep experience of peace in both mind and body that radiates from the face. This facial is not intended to be cosmetic, but to be tranformational. Natural ayurvedic ingredients are mixed according to your dosha. Massage strokes move lymph away from the face, stimulating new blood flow and circulation to the deep layers of the skin and facial musculature. After the sequence of massage, steam and cleansing, a mask containing twelve Ayurvedic herbs well known for their skin healing properties is applied. While that hydrates, nourishes, and detoxifies, an Ayurvedic hand and foot massage is performed that promotes relaxation in every cell of the body. The mask is then removed and a gentle, organic moisturizer seals in the benefits obtained. You will leave radiant, glowing, and relaxed: beautiful from the inside out. Treats: headache, sinus problems, allergies, skin.$70 - 60 min

Ayurvedic Herbal and Clay Wrap - Herbally and minerally rich purified clays blended with skin soothing herbs are mixed with water to form a paste and vigorously rubbed over the body, exfoliating and brightening the skin. While the mixture is left on the skin, you are wrapped in thermal blankets to heat up the body and draw out toxins. Marma therapy and massage are applied to your head and feet. Afterwards the mud/herb paste is removed with hot towels and you receive a full body herbal oil application. Leaves the skin silky smooth, soft, and radiant and your entire being relaxed and rejuvenated. $80 - 70 min

Netra Basti - A Ghee bath for the eyes. Lukewarm Organic Ghee is poured into a dough ring which is sealed around the eye socket. This Ghee bathes and nourishes the eye and the entire nervous system, through the eye. It is a fantastic treatment for all eye disorders and for improving vision. It softens and relaxes the muscles around the eye, dimishing the look of stress wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin around the eye, leaving you with glowing bright eyes. While your eye is bathed, receive massage on your hands or feet. The treatment ends with a brief face and neck massage. This treatment is done two days in a row and one eye is done each day. $130 for two sessions, 45 min each, on consecutive days.

Ayurvedic Packages

Profound Dawn - Abhyanga and Shirodhara - 90 min - $115

Infinite Samadhi - Abhyanga and Shirodhara - 120 min - $150

Sacred Stone - Ayurvedic Stone Therapy and Shirodhara - 105 min - $130

Inner Light - Abhyanga and Facial - 90 min - $95

Open your Third Eye - Facial and Shirodhara - 90 min - $115

Ascension - Abhyanga, Facial, Foot Scrub and Reflexology, Extended Shirodhara - 180 min (3 hours) - $225

Mini Pancha Karma - Abyhanga, Shirodhara, Swedana, Netra Basti, Kati Basti - 3 hrs - $225

Make Your Own Package - I can combine these treatments in any way that you like. Please inquire for custom packages.

Private Yoga Class - Add a 60 minute yoga class to any treatment or package for $40. Add a 90 minute yoga class for $55. Your yoga class will take place first, then be followed by your massage or treatment.

Pancha Karma - The ultimate healing and detoxification package. Designed especially to suit your concerns and constitution, this program requires adherence to a diet and herb plan, and averages at $200 per day. 3-7 day programs available.

*I offer ONLY the services listed on this website

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