About Me


700 hours Massage Therapy and Connective Bodywork
600 hours Massage Teaching Apprenticeship
221 hours Forrest Yoga Teacher Training
90 hours Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Training
50 hours Shirodhara Therapy
300 hours Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor
76 hours Panchakarma Theory and Practicum
18 hours Anatomy Trains

Owner/Director of Mountain Meadow Massage School
Owner/Therapist of Presence Massage
Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Studio at MMMS
Practicing Massage Therapist since 1999
I am currently licensed in the state of New Mexico (LMT 5538, RMTI S-0392) as both a Therapist and a Massage Instructor.

Mission Statement

I believe that awareness heals and that being present for each other is the most important thing we can do. Whether it means being present for your husband or wife, child or friend, or in my case, for my clients on the massage table, being truly available in this way helps people more than anything else can.

Emotions are stored in the body. Sometimes quite literally, in the case of abuse, but other times very subtly, like when we shrink back within ourselves because we feel insecure, drawing our shoulders up to our ears and our hearts back and caving in. This is the body responding to emotions. And emotions respond to the body. If you put yourself intentionally in that position you may start to feel depressed, scared, or lonely. By opening up the body through massage, yoga, or other bodywork, we can release these tensions, let the feelings come to the surface, process through them, and peel another layer of the onion away, to eventually reveal our true and shining selves.

Feeling safe is a key component for allowing this process to happen. In my massage practice and my classroom, I strive to create the safest place possible, without judgement or impatience. Each person goes through their own process at the rate they go through it. I am not here to make it happen, only to create a safe space where it can happen, and support you fully and completely.

Personal Info

I am married to my husband Ron and we live in Alto, NM. I love to work on the internet building websites, knit, ride my bike with Ron, do yoga, and study awareness, healing, psychology, and bodywork! My greatest loves in these areas are deep tissue Structural Bodywork and Ayurveda, a holisitic system of health and healing from India. Teaching is my passion.

Email me at shiva [at] presencemassage [dot] com