About Massage

There is more to massage than just lying down and getting rubbed. See this article: Receiving Massage about being a client and how to recieve massage most fully.

I am a therapist, and I am always a client. I try to get as much massage as I can, though it usually is less than I'd like to be getting. I can always use more massage! I definitely find that becoming a therapist has allowed me to recieve the massages I get better.

Not to say that everyone should go out and become a therapist. I'd be out of a job! Yet, by really allowing oursevles to recieve as clients, the massage we're getting, by really being present and noticing just what is happening, rather than zoning out and falling asleep, we can potentially recieve much more benefit.

However, if you need to sleep, please do! Sometimes that's what we need most. And zoning out certainly has it's value, too.

And...awareness is also very valuable.

Thinking about becoming a therapist?

There are so many great schools out there. I think it's very important to go to a school which is rigorous in technical training, and also covers psychological and spiritual issues and techniques as well. The new program in Ruidoso, New Mexico is called Mountain Meadow Massage School. I am the Director of the program and I have designed it be both focued on Presence and Awareness, and also rigorous in teaching anatomy and deep tissue techniques.

The program I went to at Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork with Lee Joseph and Carole Madsen was incredible. It also fit that description well. I did a lot of healing work on myself, which is one thing that I think makes a difference when trying to help someone else heal.

There are many other great schools out there and I think it's most important to find one that resonates with you on a deeper level. Spend the time researching and you will be happy once you finish your education.

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